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The board of directors

General manager

Presided over the work of the company. In charge of office, finance department, quality department, security department, supply department, marketing department, chief engineer's office.

Vice General
Assist general manager in daily production and management. Security department in charge of production workshop, electroplating workshop, nail, nail, wire drawing, milling workshop workshop packaging workshop.

Vice General
Assist general manager in quality management.

Vice General Manager

Assist general manager in logistics support.

Chief engineer

Assist general manager in charge of technical management and new product development. In charge of technology development department.

Responsibilities: office, business administration, secretarial, file.

Personnel department

Responsibilities: labor wages, personnel allocation, employee training.

Finance Department

Responsibilities: financial management.

Production safety

Responsibilities: production planning, safety management and supervision, comprehensive statistics.

Technology Development Department

Responsibilities: technology management, technological innovation, scientific research, new product development.

Quality department
Responsibilities: quality management, product inspection, measurement management.

Marketing Department

Responsibilities: product sales.

Supply department

Responsibility: material procurement.

Security Department

Responsibilities: security, comprehensive management, fire safety.

Nail shop

Responsibility: production of nails.

Electroplating workshop

Responsibility: plating nail.

Milling machine

Responsibilities: milling machine.

Wire drawing workshop

Responsibilities: wire drawing production.

Packaging workshop

Duties: product packaging.